Seller Sues eBay for Alleged 'Buyer Always Wins' Policy.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Seller Sues eBay for Alleged 'Buyer Always Wins' Policy!

UsedStuff.ForSale was created for that exact reason.  UsedStuff will never be involved in any sale decision for any reason.  We don't like corporations that fraud thier customers hence the reason the UsedStuff platforms were created. We also don't charge outragous fees to sell your stuff. Ebay charges approximatly 10 percent to the seller including listing fees. 


Ebay is an old site that gained attention when the inernet was begining. Since then it has styled an enterprise claiming to protect thier buyers from the sellers who actually pay Ebay.  Ebay takes in millions by just providing a web application that really does not take that much energy to create these days. 


Even if you call the eBay's toll free number at (866) 540-3229 they appear to have designed a system to hang up on you. It is really sad that a multi-million dollar comany is desigened to fail the sellers who pay them.  



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